Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making a Name for Myself

Remember yesterday when I said I've been obsessed with covering canvas with fabric?  I finished my name plaque yesterday while I had the staple gun out.

 This was the project I bought the fabrics for. These are 12x12 canvases that I bought at Michael's on sale.  They came in a 7-pack.  I'll show you what I did with the other two on Monday.  I covered all of the canvases using the technique I detailed in yesterday's post, then used Mod Podge to attach the letters.  After those had thoroughly dried, I used Mod Podge and the staple gun to attach the ribbon on the back.  This project is fairly heavy, so I used a hanger that screws into the wood of the top canvas.

We have a short last name, so this size canvas worked for us.  For a longer name, you can use blocks of foam or pieces of wood to cover and use smaller letters.  I'm making another small one using foam and scrapbook paper.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I finish it.  I always have something unfinished that needs to get done!

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