Friday, April 6, 2012

Make Your Own Artwork Without Any Talent!

I've been fairly obsessed lately with covering canvases with pretty fabric and making my own artwork the easy way.  I thought it would be selfish for me to keep this to myself, so today I made another piece and remembered to take some photos to share.  The one pictured above was made a few months ago and hangs in my entryway.  I love it.

To start with you can use an ugly canvas painting from a thrift store, discount shop, or something you have already around the house that you just don't care that much for anymore.
Yeah, what was I thinking when I bought this?
So, I picked up some fabric for some other projects and had a piece left over that was just the right size to cover my canvas.  Working on a flat, clean surface, place your fabric face side down and make sure you don't have any wrinkles.  Place your canvas face down on top of the fabric.  Take one side, pull over the side, and with a staple gun tack the fabric down.
The fabric I'm working with.

My hubby has lots of tools and this may be my favorite.  It's pneumatic staple gun that runs off an air compressor, but if you don't have one of these, don't worry, a regular hand operated staple gun works just as well.
We don't like it when Mom makes loud noises.  We retreated to safety.

First side tacked over.
Next do the side opposite the one you started on.  This will make it easier to turn your corners.  I've tried to show how I do the corners in the next picture, but you can use any technique that works for you.  I try to do it like I'm wrapping a box.

Do all four corners and you are done.  Ready to hang!
From trash to treasure in about 10 minutes.

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